Hey, could anyone get her facing a gun forward?

You know how in most episodes characters are facing forwards with a gun pointing at the screen, i was wondering if anyone could do that for me and i’ll give credit each time i use…

she looks like this… and i was wondering if anyone could do it and send it?? i really hope, you can, thanks for reading and sorry if i wasted your time…

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I can try. But it may take some time.
Can you send me the character details?

This is my art request shop if you’re interested. SilverShadow art request shop!

Skin; Mocha
Eyes; Upturned Feline (white)
Eyebrows; Defined natural
Hair; Beachwave (black)
Face; Oval
Nose; upturned
Lips; full round (mocha)

Do you want her to hold the gun with one hand or two?

One hand please? or whichever one you prefer doing?

Does this work?