*hey! cover need!*

Hi guys!

I’m writing a story and I really need someone who could do a Cover for me!!

Here are the characters

I’d be very grateful if you could help me.:blush:

Hi, we can help here at episode studio:

our artists that might be able to help:



I’d love to help!


Thank you so much, I’d love your help!

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Perfect I’d love to help


I could edit the characters in a simple way


But might take some time hope it’s okay

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What’s the background name? I’d be happy to help! ((: And the book title.


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The background is EXT. FERRIS WHEEL-NIGHT
And the title of the story is "Do you remember ", but I haven’t published it yet.

It talks about a girl with the Susac syndrome, and a boy (Bad boy), who does not want to know about the most important things in life, but when he knows her everything changes.

I’d love your help too and hope you can read it in the future. :slight_smile:

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Letting everyone know I just did the cover. :relaxed:

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