Hey does anyone know any animations that could make it look like a character is flying? (CLOSED)


I’m making an Episode story. It’s fantasy and there’s this one shot of this fairy in the gateway to earth. Does anyone have any suggestions for what it would look like if she were to fly?


Since you said it’s a fairy, and fairies are mostly very joyful, I think, you could use sing_hand_raise_loop.
While making the character walk up screen.
It’ll something look like this!


Or, you could try swim_rear!


Thanks! I’ll be sure to use that! You’re too kind~


How do you spot direct the singing one?


@ CHARACTER walks to spot in (time, lower if you want them to be fast, higher if you want them to be slow) AND CHARACTER does it while sing_hand_raise_loop


Nevermind I found out how to


@Jeremy can you close this?