Hey! error help needed please!


hi! so, I’m attaching a pic of my script. what’s happening? I have no errors, and there’s not 1 character following after another? pleeease help! love, t! x
(ps this is a new release, I have written b4!)


Add a ! or . in the end of your dialogue on line 33. You wrote it in all caps and the writer portal ‘‘thinks’’ that this is a character :wink:


omg thank you so much! you’re a star!


No problem :blush::heart:


yay it worked! thank you so much!


I just noticed that you used @pause for a beat three times after one another. I don’t know if you know, but you can actually choose for how many seconds you want to pause:
@pause for s

s - write the amount of seconds that you want here

Hope it helps, and if you knew that already then sorry :sweat_smile:


i didn’t omg that is so helpful! also… i attempted to zoom out… attaching it XD



Just get rid of the word out on line 32 :wink: :
@zoom out on 79 0 to 349% in 0


oh thats how you zoom out? ooft im dumb


Yes, the code is the same as in when you zoom on something. You only need to change the coordinates, scale and time :wink: .

You’re not dumb, we’ve all been there :wink::heart:


oof v e r y dumb then. how do i do the co ordinate… something… is there a tutorial for that lol? <3


And again you’re not dumb, please don’t call yourself that :frowning::heart:

I’m posting a link to a thread on how to zoom below. It explains it very well, but it only explains on how to do it on your phone. But don’t worry doing it on your computer is simillar but also easier. You just need to click on directing helper and then on zoom helper, choose however you want your zoom to look like and copy and paste it into your script. You copy the part that you get here (this is the picture that you sent above ;)):
Here is a turorial on how to zoom :wink:


thank you so much! i was going to put this in caps but i cant lol so-


Hi hi :joy: No problem :wink: Good luck with your writing :grin:


Lmao. aw! thank you!


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