Hey everybody question


I would like to know what everybody dose. I wrote the script for each episode at a time. I know the real pros write their script then make it into an episode story. I just want to know what is people who’s stories don’t have over 1k reads do. I will feel weird if I do it completely different from everybody. Well thanks for reading and replying!


I write my scripts each episode at a time too, it’s just easier for me


Yeah I do the same, but I actually do have over 1000 reads. I just find this more easier sooo…


I just write it one episode at a time but kind of have an idea what’s going to happen in the next episode so I can plan it out well


yeah I do the same, but i had to start over cause of restricted backgrounds, but I got in contact with the owner and i could use them. So, i have to start over from scratch.


k thanks!


glad i’m not the only one