Hey Everyone! Check out Hands Off!

Hey ya’ll, I am the author of Hands Off which is a story about a girl named Hannah, who is assaulted at an “after party” by a guy she met at the club after he spiked her drink. The story then goes on to her boyfriend Josh, who is the ceo of his company with partner Nick Hayden. When they begin hiring for new airline pilots, they hire a man named Daniel… little did they know, this decision would change their lives and Hannah’s life forever.

Hannah thinks she may be pregnant, Josh and Nick become friends with Daniel and Hannah’s best friend Savannah has a huge secret!

Come read Hands Off and find out what will happen next!

@hannahscofield what is the style of the story?
:heart: Tessie

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Mostly romance but it’s also a mystery/thriller

The style of my story is ink

@hannahscofield Oh, ok.