Hey Everyone I can help with coding problems:)

Hey!! everyone so I wanted to do something with the knowledge I have gained so far in the coding department on episode since I have a published story (Reveal: Hidden beneath the Gold :slight_smile: ) So I decided I would try to help people here as much as possible …
1- don’t be rude if I don’t respond immediately i also have a life
If you want me to respond faster you can message me on @sierra_writesyt on instagram or you can message me here but it might take me while longer if you message here all I ask for is that you give my story a chance :sweat_smile:
Summary: Chloe always believed in following your dreams and passions, what happens? When she does follow them will she succeed or will she hit a dead end? Full CC
link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6281378386870272
NOTE: i will still help you regardless if you check out my story or not but I would really appreciate it if you do…

Hey dear
We are hiring coding helpers for our IG group
It will be great if you would like to join us
you can dm me @epihellworkshop
Hope to hear from you

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