Hey everyone! I'm making a story called "Why Did I Fall For You?" I need a cover, So a Cover Contest! Whoever wins gets to be in the story!

If you wanna to be the Cover Contest…



And then the cover.

PRIZE: Get to be in the story and will shoutout! c:

Hey. You can request on @Episode-Royalty’s thread here if you’re looking for a cover: Episode Royalty here to help! 👑

Winter - Episode Royalty :snowflake::crown:

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Can I enter?.. :slight_smile:

I’m still creating the main guy.

Don’t know if you still need it but I would love to enter…

me too!

Oh um, Sure!

Do you like this

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Don’t mean to interject, but, is that from a coloring app?

I drew it and couloired it added computer effects

I don’t mean to be rude, but, this is from the colouring app Recolor. I should know, since I’ve coloured it too:

And you’ve just added the filters they give you.

~ Winter :snowflake:


Is this contest still open?

I don’t think so

Ok good to know!