Hey everyone would you be bothered if the MC of the story was plant-based, Raw or vegetarian


I do not plan on being ethical or persuading readers to go into this diet not that theirs anything wrong but I once read a story where one of the characters was gluten free and the author kind made a big deal. So would you care if the MC was vegan, vegetarian or raw?
Am not writing a story about the MC and her diet.


I wouldn’t care if it was just something about them, but I would care if a big deal was made out of it or people who don’t follow those diets were potrayed in a negative way.


It cab be added into a sentence or a scene. I wouldn’t mind, personally.


As long as it’s not preachy, of course not!


Thank you for your opinion and I am not going to bash anyone.:slightly_smiling_face:


I feel like you have a pretty good handle on what not to do with that kind of character, personally I don’t care how people eat and I don’t mind if they want to share their story as long as they are not self righteous pricks who act like they are single handedly saving the environment through kale consumption.


Not going to do that people can eat what they please. Thank you for your advice.


Thank you. One of my scene is about the dad telling the MC mom to leave before the MC makes them kale smoothies Its kind funny at least I think it is.


Alright thank you for your advice and no I am not planning on making my MC that way or making offensive comments about others who do not follow these diets.


As for the kale smoothies comment, I recommend being careful with your wording so you don’t offend someone who likes those smoothies. (I haven’t tried them before, but am curious to know how they taste… :thinking:. Off topic) anyways, have fun with your story!


I think it’s funny and I like kale smoothies :woman_shrugging:
I mean to me it’s no different than a character saying “ewww pineapples on pizza are gross” when there are plenty of people who like that.
I’m not vegan but I’m used to people looking at me disgusted for being “too healthy” lol so I can relate to that joke.

@PBJ I personally wouldn’t care. Actually, I think that’d be great to see in a story (as long as it’s not preachy like other people have said- unless of course, you want the MC to be “that person” lol) and could be an interesting character trait.


I think people will always find a way to dislike something as long as i do not make it offensive and kale smoothies are so good with almond milk and berries. I said kale smoothies because that’s what a lot of plant based people are know for.


I love kale smoothies too but its like a harmless joke.
Thank you for understanding that’s what I meant to say with the kale joke.

NO I do not want angry readers telling me off for my MC being too preachy :sweat:


Ok, I admit that was abut over the top on my part. :sweat_smile:


Its okay :slightly_smiling_face:


i don’t have anything against vegans/vegetarians/whatever, but i think a story that’s, like, completely centered around it would be a little boring. just a little.


It’s a little something different but…

I don’t think it’d be TOO interesting


Yeah am not doing that.


Thanks for your advice.


I can imagine this, I’m a vegetarian and my friends always make fun of me by sending things like this: