Hey guys and girls I would really like your feed back on my new story


My story is called United Royalty And profile name is MysteriousAmaya
It’s a story about a girl going through changes in her life
Chapters 1-3 are pilot episodes
You can also customize your mc .
Thanks for reading my post and thank you for reading my story if you give it a chance.


Do you have instagram?


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Yes, its the same name as this one


Thank you and sorry for the mistake :sweat:


Hey I would love to check out your story! But I’m in a middle of a r4r soo. Maybe you would do a review for a review? Then you’re helping me out and I you :grin: Just dm me if you’re interested :+1:


I don’t mind, I like reading new stories ^^
@Owlquest you never told me your story name :cold_sweat:


Sorry!! Hunt or Get hunted :grin::grin: