Hey guys, could you check out my story?


Hi I just released my story and I would greatly appreciate feedback, only ep 1
Ps I’m still trying to figure out how to describe the story without giving it away.


WOW! Who made the cover?


Is it bad? :frowning: I made the cover >_<


No not at all! I love it you have talent you should join a art group girly!


That makes me happy ^^ It’s fun making covers, I learned how to do it a few days ago


That is awesome! I have an art group do you want to join?


Thank you for the offer but I can’t do drawings or anything like that, I’m not good enough to make these types of art ///


You can just make covers and splashes this is a splash if you dont know lol


I don’t really do art drawings just once in a while :joy:


Yeah I didn’t know what a splash was, I bet its cool your art drawings, If you say its okay, I’d like to join your group


Ok Im gonna pm you the link :grinning:


Alright cool ^^


Sent it :grin: