Hey guys how should i start my princess story

Hey guys i wanna know how should i start my story. I want it to be professional like so it can get fetured. My story is called UnderCover Princess. its about a Teenage girl who becomes a under cover spy and have to go to england to protect the prince but a few weeks later she falls in love with him.


Start off by writing with the goal of telling a story. Not getting featured.

but how should i start the story

Give me more details, I could help you.

more details about what

Your story. What do you have yet?

i havent started yet

Have you planned what will happen yet? Planning your story always helps.

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It’s the best way to start writing.

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I can help!!

ok thx what do you have

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That’s true!! I have learned that. Especially when you are writing a book series like I am!


It’ll depend on how much information you already have planned out. I am going to start a PM for us. Talking about this? Should I?

I can help you if you give me more details about your story and characters.


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so the story is about Teenage a girl who becomes a undercover spy and protects the princess of england but she falls in love with him

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I am going to start a PM so we can plan it put more!

You should probably start with an intro, showing the situation your mc is currently in. If you give me more details on her, I can help you plan an direct it if you want.