Hey guys....I just need a Little help


I wrote 3episodes how much I need more to publish them and. …second thing how I can put a cover on My Story…


You have to have at least 400 lines in each episode and they have to be error free. On your main page, where you can see everything about your story, there will be a box in the top left corner with a little pencil icon in the corner. Click on this and you can upload a small and large cover. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


I tried it But it’s not working and I guess I have more than 400lines but still I can’t see my story in…


What do you mean?


It means that what you are saying I already had tried that pencil icon is not working when I click it…it directly opens my story…


I’m not sure then, maybe try reloading your page?


Already done it… These 2things I am not getting 1st to change my cover and to publish my story… I have already done so plzzz tells me any new idea


Are you clicking on the pencil icon, or the actual rectangle? - You have to click on the rectangle, and if you are and it’s not working, what happens when you click it?


it’s not working


Click here

You should end up here. After that, just follow the on screen instructions.


I am using Mobile​:expressionless::expressionless:


Oh that explains it then :joy: I have no idea how to do it on mobile


Okay, that would’ve helped to know first. I don’t use mobile but let me check.


okkk…tell me if you find out anything…


You’re right, hitting the pencil button on mobile doesn’t help. I’ll do a google search and see if anything comes up.


Now I got it You all use laptops… Lol I want to use but…I can’t carry it everywhere especially in Lectures…


Caitoriri Thank dear…but this thanks will only be applied when You will solve My problem…


Found your answer! You can’t upload covers on the mobile creator. You have to go on the computer to the episode portal, find the story you created on mobile and upload it there, later.


I can’t say for sure, but it might be the same for publishing?? You may have to publish from here too: https://www.episodeinteractive.com/write


Yeah once you have created it on mobile you have to then open it on a laptop/computer to publish it. However I’m not sure if you can edit it or create anymore episodes on mobile once you have published it, so be wary of that. :heart: