Hey guys I need a watermark to put on my work!


So I have seen a lot more art theft recently. I have even seen some of my work in places they shouldn’t be. So if anyone can help me with a watermark that would be amazing!


How about these?
00%20PM 16%20PM 32%20PM


Those are really good but I wanted them to say Ray and then my insta username. If that’s not to much to ask.

I wanted it kinda of like this in the box. But not exactly like that if course. If it’s okay.


What’s your instagram username?




Also my canvas size is 2000x2000 if that helps idk


Well, I could only make it 2828x2000, but here it is. Tell me if you want any changes.


Wow that’s everything! Perfect thank you!


No problem Ray!
(And now I can finally convince myself not to procrastinate)


This is so amazing toast srsly! I love it! But it would be better. If instead of raybadem you put Ray. @CinnamonToast


@Sydney_H or @Jeremy could you please close this thread.