Hey guys! I need an artist for art scenes in my story

Hi i am looking for a artist who can help me make some art for my first ever story. If you can help please reply and I will give you the description and what the characters look like thx :yellow_heart:
PS I will give credit for the art and whoever helps

I can try, or anyone from Episode Diamonds can! :slightly_smiling_face:

@linalilly10, check this out!



Is there anything right now that we can start with?

My story is called Riverside
Summary: While having to navigate through the troubles of sex, romance, school and family. You and your friends uncover a dark riverside mystery. Which helps you finds your sisters boyfriend’s killer.

Im gonna need some art with my two main characters in it so do you need the descriptions of them?


or screen shot


Archie Looks- chestnut hair that is short and to the side with blackish brownish eyes and fair skin but with a little tan
Archie Outfit- Football jacket that is dark blue and gold with a white shirt and dark blue pants
Sierra Looks- Light blonde hair that is beach waved with dark blue eyes and fair skin but also with a little tan
Sierra outfit- Pink long sleeve with white collar and light blue jeans

I hope that helps
do you need a better description?

We need both their face shapes, eye shapes, nose shapes, and what shoes, lol? :joy:

Btw, is it Ink or Limelight?

It is ink

Sierra- Soft Heart face, Round Bold eyes, Perky nose
Archie- Diamond face, Deepset Piercing eyes, Strong nose

and i do not care about the shoes whatever you think looks good lol :joy:

Also idk if you will be able to help me with this but how do you get a character to stand center screen

Of course I can help you! Ima (I think) an advanced coder.

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces (left or right)

Love Riverdale , hun :wink:

@dasha_author are you still doing it