Hey guys I need gelp

So I been making twins in my story how can I turn them back not into twins please help

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Do you mean as to make them not look identical?

Ok so i made twin that look together but how do I make not looking the same

You can go back to your characters and just change them there or you can use change it in the script using the @CHARACTER changes into command, but instead of outfit you would write down the feature you’d like.

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Ok but can you get me like. Example on the script how I would put in my script the sisters name our @Clara and @AVA

So for example if you want one of them to change hairstyle you’d put
@AVA changes hair into Messy Sock Bun
And then depending on what you want to change instead of hair it is

bodyColor for Skin Colour
eyebrows for Eyebrows
eyebrowsColor for Eyebrows Colour
face for Face Shape
eyes for Eye Shape
eyesColor for Eye Colour
mouth for Mouth
mouthColor for Mouth Colour
hair for Hairstyle
hairColor for Hair Colour
nose for Nose Shape

and then you type the name of the feature that you want on your character

Is gelp a beverage?
dont kill me



Another thing you can do is just edit the character in the portal (will change how she looks through the entire story though) if that’s what you are aiming for.

I’m confused

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You know where you make new characters? You can also go back to that tab and change the features/hair/skin/etc. which would change the way the character looks in every episode.

Does that make more sense? You go to “My Stories” tab, click “Characters” and it takes you to the part of the portal that shows all the characters you’ve created. You find and click that characters name and change whatever feature you want then click “save” – that character will now look different in your story. :smiley:

I’m still confused is there a video that is helpful I’m so sorry

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So when you are in the Writer’s Portal and you are on your story screen, where you can see your episodes, when you have menu with Characters, Outfits, New Episode, Continue Episode, Publish/Update.

You can go to Characters, you choose the character you want to edit and you can change everything there. Once you’re done just remember to save your changes :slight_smile: