Hey guys i need help (if u have ios)

Hey, i want to text from imessage but everytime it texts from my email and not my number, and i want to change it but when i try to choose where to send and receive messages, it only shows my email and not my phone number, and yes i have added my phone number on my icloud and nothing changed.

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If someone knows please help

Can you send me a screenshot of the messages thing open where it should show your email and number? You can blur our number and email of course
I might have solution

go to settings and turn them on! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There may be different reasons as to why your email is showing and not your number…the best solution is to check and see if there on.

settings > click on the first tab (apple ID, Icloud, Meadia & purchase) > Name, ohone numbers, email and make sure your number is listed there under your icloud

then go back to the main page of settings

scroll down and click on “Messages”

then click on " Send & recive” and make sure your number is checked off and so is your Icloud
like the image below

(I deleted the image)

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Thank you so much, but now that i added my number it’s taking so long to get verified

hey, you should probably delete those images. Even though you scribbled over your number and iCloud, they’re still visible quite clearly, and the internet isn’t really the best place to leave them out in the open.


Thank you, I’m gonna delete them now


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