Hey guys! I will make you a script template! (OPEN!)


Have a good day hun!


Omg thank you how can I credit you


Could you make a template of a building exploding


Hey are you still making them ?


Mhm! I was taking a 2 week long break but I am back!


Heyy can you make me a funeral script template?


Hi can I request




Do you still take requests?


May I request one,
I need a template for when my character gets up in the morning and needs to choose their hair and outfit. Thanks in advance.


Hi! i REALLY need help! I need a script for a dress-up game using my character, Jessica. there should be three different outfits in three different categories. please try to keep the actual script as short as possible! also, could the best outfits cost like, 2 diamonds or something? I heard that u can now add that in! thanks in advance!


Sure! What style is it? Limelight, Ink, Or Classic?


Okay! Sure! Np. Would you like it to be in Limelight, Ink, Or Classic?


By the way. I can’t convert outfits to you, you have to make your own.


Can I request ?


Limelight please


I only want to be able to change hairstyle and clothes