Hey guys I'm Apple! I need an art cover for my first story, so its gotta be perfect. It's called Fire and Ice. I'm looking for a cover that includes a black wolf and white wolf

Ok so the characters that need to be on the cover are Winter and Wild. Their wolves are Fire and Ice. Easy to guess which wolf’s theirs! Oh and Winter’s shoes are Pumps Closed Round Black and Wild’s are Boots Rugged Leather Black :rofl:


Wild’s wolf, Fire, is a black wolf. Winter’s wolf, Ice, is a white wolf. :grin: Thank you so much!!! Oh and if anybody can help me find an art background that’s a bar, the one I found was perfect but way too narrow, I couldn’t fit as much characters as I needed to on it though. I f you could help that would be amazing! And in case you may notice, yes I changed Winter’s shoes from sneakers to heels! Thanks again!

Wich size do you want you cover?

Any size one for the story introduction the other for before you start the story.

I made two zones. If you don’t like it just text me.


OMFG!!! I love it!!! It’s exactly what I wanted!!! Now all it needs is the title, god I love it, I have no words!!!

Sorry it took so long to respond or look at it, schedule’s always tight, but dang girl!!!

Tanks it means a lot to me :blush::blush:

that looks amazing!