Hey guys! In Need of A Background Character Template

Hey I need help getting a script template for this background:

It’s not a party template I’m looking for!!

It’s just need to be with some people that are talking in the background :slight_smile:

If you can help or know where I can find one then please respond as soon as possible!


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I can help you! Making it now.

Are your characters in ink or limelight?

@add Red Cup to PEARL
@PEARL spot 0.758 169 339 and PEARL is drink and PEARL moves to layer 3
@LON spot 0.695 83 359 and LON is listen and LON moves to layer 2 and LON faces right
@RICH spot 0.992 182 127 and RICH is talk_arms_crossed_loop and RICH faces left
@MAN spot 0.902 56 147 and MAN is nod_loop and MAN faces right and MAN moves to layer 2
@GIRL spot 0.875 289 212 and GIRL is listen_phone_excited_loop and GIRL faces left and GIRL moves to layer 1

this is for zone 1

HI! I don’t know if you still need the template but @episode.mavis on Instagram makes REALLY good (but super long) ones! She also has one for that background you just have to go to her linktree (which is in her Instagram bio) and click the button that says Spot Templates!