Hey guys just need a friend writer

hey guys i need a writing partner because i always wanted to do a story but i just need help. i havent figured out what the plot of the story should be but i just know i want it to be about vampires or mystery or romance and i want a partner who will not bail on me im counting on you thanks. aka i will feature you and me on the story thanks.

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I will help you, but I’m not THAT good at coding

i could help with the plot but i suck at coding so…

I can help!
I like coding n I think I’m pretty good n I’ve been wanting to write a story for a while now🤗

ok when do you wanna start the story ans planning the story out?

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Hey when do you wanna start

Hey guys I just want to know do you want to be my running partner I have a made up a topic yet but I just think we can make it together hey KA I have to make an email and I will did hit Me back if you wanna be my partner thanks and a.k.a. we can either choose the topic as a mystery or fantasy romance thing

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I would but I dont have a place where I cna write the story. Like a browser. I have used chrome for my personal account, chromium(extension of chrome) for cowriter, samsung internet for cowriting. But if you know of another browser I can totally do it with you!

You can’t use google

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What do you mean?

You said you needed a browser so use Google

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I mean I use chrome and its extension plus samsung internet. So…

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So when do you want to do a story

I dont have anither browers though…

What do you mean

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Like that doesnt have an account signed in.

You can sign in to one

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Like when you press singn in with facebook it is already signed in/memorized into the browser.

Because I was gonna make a episode interactive account for us

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