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I think you have to be much more specific :sweat_smile: Do you need like some fillers for your plot? Or what exactly do you mean?

I need help to find an idea for my next chapter

What is your story about?

Thé guardian love

     Chapitre 1 

List of characters and their jobs/ roles: Asuna is the captain of the guard; Leafa is the princess; Anastasia is the queen, Kuroko is the king; Aria is the main character, daughter of Diane the hunter goddess, and immortal warrior; Kirito is the prince and main love interest; Queen Auriana is I believe the queen of where Aria’s from; Poseidon is the god of the sea.

Aria: Main character, daughter of Diane and an immortal warrior.
Aria’s skills: Archery, fighting, cooking.

Kirito: second character, Poseidon’s son
Prince of sea and earth

Plot twist, the vampire, the witch, and the wolf try to kill Leafa, Kirito, and Aria to save her.

There was a war between the four clans 300 years ago, Aria survived the war, the fairy clan would be on her side.

The legend about crown, sword, neckless, and scepter: the legendary objects are hidden in different kingdoms and each of the objects has a different power, two guardians are keeping them from bad people, and only a true warrior can use them.

Once upon a time, there was a guardian named Aria, she was the strongest immortal girl, she was fighting like a goddess.
One day she fell in love with a human guy named Kirito. the head of guardian is the queen she told aria to come down to earth to protect one human in particular and she also told her to watch him from a far distance

Poseidon: Hey Aria, her majesty the queen needs to talk to you in the crown room.
Aria: Did the queen tell you why she has to talk to me?
Poseidon: I have no idée why she wants to talk to you. Have a nice day Aria.
Queen Auriana: hey Aria I have a mission for you, I know that you are the best person to fulfill this mission.
Aria: What is this mission queen Auriana?
Queen Auriana: the mission is that you have to be the guardian of a young man named Kirito, and you have to watch him from a far distance, and you can’t be seen by him.
Aria: When do I start this mission, my queen?
Queen Auriana: you will start it Tomorrow have a rest Aria, see you tomorrow Aria.
Aria: See you tomorrow my queen.
Aria went to her house and she relaxed in her bed while she was relaxing she was having dream of Kirito and she fell in love of Kirito in her dream, then she woke up and changed her clothes then she join the queen at the gate is near the human realm
End of the first chapter

         Chapter 2

At the gate to the human realm
Aria: my queen
Queen Auriana:Aria
Queen Auriana: Aria are you prepared?
Aria: Of course my queen
Queen Auriana: have a safe trip aria.
Aria: I will be safe, my queen.
Aria came down to earth near the city of London and she appeared halfway to the castle and saw some evil person around the castle.
Then she went to a jewel shop and saw this beautiful and powerful necklace. She enter in the shop
Aria: Hello miss could I see that necklace, please?
The woman seller: here the necklace.
Aria: How much is it madame ?
The woman seller: it’s 10 dollars
Aria: I will miss it, here the money misses.
The woman seller: have a nice day.
Aria went to the castle to be a guard so she could still do her mission.
Aria: Excuse me sir, I would like to see her majesty the queen.
The knight: follow me miss, by the way, what is your name, miss?
Aria: my name is Aria sir, what is your name, sir?
The knight: my name is Thomas miss, wait here miss Aria.
Aria waits in the crown room for the queen.
Queen Anastasia: hello miss Aria, u wanted to see me?
Aria: I was wondering if I could be one of the personal guards of the prince, my queen?
Queen Anastasia: Miss Aria you must enter a challenge to prove you are worthy. Me coming to see you like this is already very risky, I cannot let the prince fall into the wrong hands
Aria: I understand my queen
After the training Aria went to her room where she put on her necklace and went to sleep. She was having a dream.

Chapter 3
Aria’s dream
Aria saw that the prince was in danger , because of the dragon. She came to rescue the prince , she fought the dragon with her true power and she defeated the nightmare beast , then she saw one of the four guardians of the legendary objects.
Guardian 1: Excuse me, I would like to have your name miss .
Aria my name is Aria sir, why did you ask me that question ?
Guardian 1 : because you have to find the legendary objects, miss Aria, and you must find me in the old city of New York .
Aria : Sure , but what is your name sir ?
Guardian 1 : My name is Natsu .
Aria: I will find you Natsu .
End of third chapter

  Chapter four 

Finding the first guardian of the legend

Aria went to the queen to ask her permission to take the prince for a quest of power .
Aria : Good morning queen Anastasia, I would like to have a world with you .
Queen Anastasia : Miss Aria, you know that you can ask me anything you want Aria .
Aria : I would like to ask you , if I could take the prince on a trip, my queen ?
Queen Anastasia : why do you need prince Kirito on your trip ?
Aria : because if I’m not here , who will protect him against the evil creatures , my queen ?
Queen Anastasia : there is still the head knight named Asuna .
The queen Anastasia asked Asuna to come into the crown room . Aria went to the arena to train herself to become stronger.
Asuna : You asked me to come as my queen ?
Queen Anastasia : Yes, I asked you to come here Asuna , I just want you to keep an eye on Aria ,the prince and the princess for this trip please Asuna.
Asuna : I will keep an eye on them, my queen .
Asuna and Aria teamed up to protect the prince and the princess . One day Aria found a magical miror , then the four of them found the guardian named Natsu .
Aria : Hello dear guardian Natsu , I wanted to know how to get the fire scepter ?
Natsu : You have to fight me and you also have to join me as the fire guardian .
Aria : Okay let’s fight Natsu .
Aria and Natsu start to fight each other , Asuna , Kirito and Leafa watch them , Aria defeats Natsu and Natsu gives Aria the fire scepter , he also joins her , they also go back to the Castle , Aria and Natsu come to the queen.
Aria: My queen , we are back from this quest , let me introduce the fire guardian Natsu, my queen .
Queen Anastasia : Nice to meet you Natsu .
Natsu : The pleasure is mine, my queen .
Aria and Natsu went into the garden to concentrate on finding another guardian’s energy .
Natsu : Aria , let’s connect our energy .
Aria : How do we connect our energy ,Natsu ?
Natsu : Give me your hands Aria , let’s connect our magic .
Aria and Natsu did connect their energy to find the next guardian .

   End of chapter four

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