Hey guys! Need overlays please


Hello everyone, hope you’re all good.
I would like someone to make overlays for me. Someone told me that I could ask here so … I do it x)
So, I would like exactly this. A classroom with guys sit on chairs in the background :

I absolutely don’t know how many overlays (but, a lot, I imagine) it needs but here, I’m asking for someone.
I will be very grateful if you ever do it. :slight_smile:
thanks in advance!


I think @linalilly10 may be able to help with that, or @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE <33


Thank you so much for the great info.
This will really help me.


Yeah I set csn. Thx Lapiz


I already doing it




and thx I be sure to tell everyone that you do edits when they ask who does


Haha ty Lilly