Hey guys need some help with convincing my mom

Hey guys so I found this really nice house that I want my mom to get for me and my brother, it’s 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, and I know my mom is starting to workout now so I suggested one of the bedrooms could be a workout room since it’s only gonna be her, me, and my brother and the other bedroom into a guest bedroom. But she’s saying no and I really do want to move but I have no clue how to convince her so please help. And plus it’s a really nice kitchen and the house has way more room than our house currently, so can anyone help me please? 🥲

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Have u checked it’s affordable for your family (u, your brother & your mum)? (:

Because unfortunate wanting to move house can’t ‘just happen’ (:

You’ve got to consider price tags for living there, pros & cons to living there etc…


Yup my mom said her price range is in the 200k area and that’s the house price well it’s a little higher than 200k but it’s still in the 200k range

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Would it be affordable in the long run though? As in a lot of people can pay the up front payment but not everyone can keep up with bills & taxes to live there (:

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Yes I know how much my mom makes weekly she for sure has enough

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Then try persuading her using the pros & cons of living there (:

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Keep in mind, she also has to buy furniture and decorations as well


I don’t mean to be rude but a house and everything that comes with it is expensive.


I asked her about expensive’s already so all I really need help with is the convincing, she wants to fix up our current house but honestly I don’t think it’s worth it when u could a much better house that’s already fixed and has much more space and u would enjoy more

The bills might be totally different from what your mum can afford. If it is bigger then that means more electricity. Again not trying to be rude but try to be grateful for what you have. You can’t tell by looking at a few photos what needs to be done on a house. :woman_shrugging: Also trying to convince her will lessen your chances.


Ok guys listen my mom makes a lot of money I’m not even bragging but I just need help convincing her that’s it please

  1. Whatever u do, DON’T pressure her into getting it since she may know about some financial issues u don’t know about (:

  2. Make sure that u don’t push the budget since then u can end up in debts (:

  3. Before buying ANYTHING, make sure everyone is happy with it (otherwise you’ll have issues with each other’s decisions) (:

  4. Is it necessary to move? If not then save up more money so that u can try get that house when u have made sure very little can go wrong (payment rises on bills, someone else wanting the house and willing to pay more etc…) (:

  5. U have to make sure that the house u are planning to move to is everything u are told it is (Some have dark pasts that are never told to new buyers, some have things needing to be fixed but they surprise u with that once you’ve bought the house) (:

  6. Don’t rush anything regarding the move since otherwise u may miss any ‘red flags’ with the house u want to move to (:

& to persuade her, try using the pros of living there! Don’t miss the cons though (:


Cant really think of any cons help?

There’s got to be something bad about living there? Think about =

Location : Is it close to possible work? Is it close to education (If your still in need of education)

Welfare : Is there access to medical help if needed? Access to mental help?

Friends/Family : Have u got any close ones nearby for emergencies?

Fitness : Any gyms/sports activities available there?

Bills : Are there chances those prices can rise making them unaffordable?

Protection : Is the house pretty protected from natural disasters common to the area (Idk where u are so I can’t specify)

Defence : Access to police if they become needed at any point in time?

Hey, I don’t mean to be rude, but…

Being able to actually buy and live in a house is a luxury that many people these days can’t afford.

But if you really want to move, maybe you could work out some kind of compromise with your mom? Like if you’re old enough to work, you can try working towards the house, since that sounds expensive. 200K is a LOT of money, plus it’s not as easy as a one-and-done deal.


This is something a lot more on the pricey side of things and something that she probably won’t consider unless she along with your brother really needs. Unnecessarily moving around houses is really time consuming and very expensive (And money that you can’t get back). You also need to make sure that the expenses of the house and moving won’t result in you being in a fiancial problem because I think that’s a lot worse than having less rooms. You can convince her, but you also shouldn’t be pushing her because this is like, a really big finacial decision where if you don’t think it through, you’re going to regret. You can point out the problems in your current house and why that house can offer a better solution to it.


Yes but my mom also said she liked the house so I’m confused why she doesn’t wanna get it-

She may be thinking about the consequences (pros & cons) of moving (:

Just because she likes it doesn’t mean she wants to buy it.


Again I saw you are still very young it makes sense why you don’t understand. But my mum likes a lot of things but she can’t nessasrily buy everything. It surprised you how much they hide from you to make you have a better life. Because my mum bought me loads of toys for me that were expensive but later we didn’t have much to eat after that.