Hey Guys! New Story (Gifted)

Hey guys! I’m a new writer here on episode and I would love if you can read my story.
Story :Gifted
Author : Diyah
Genre : Drama
Description: On her six teen birthday her life changed for ever when she discover she have powers. Her powers only causes harm to ever one she loves. How will she over come this
ink:: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5851456087130112

Hi @Diyah ! I will be happy to read your story, it looks wonderful already! :slight_smile:

Hi @Diyah . Your story is interesting and it’s really different than other stories, I like it. But, I have lots of Negatives about it, I hope you’ll understand. :frowning:

Positives. :arrow_down:
*Limelight, even tho I sort of don’t like Limelight, it’s nice to see new authors using it. I really like that! :slight_smile:
*I love stories that have related power stories, it’s awesome!
*The characters are really awesome and I did not except that when Olivia erased her dad’s memory without knowing! :sob:
*I adore their outfits, really cute.
*Right into the action! I like that!

Negatives. :arrow_down:
I apologize for a “list” but it’s a nice way to see how you can improve and fix your mistakes!

*The storyline is way too short, for a recommendation, you could put all three chapters in one chapter and add another part, if you wish. I get that you’re new and all, but that is probably going to be a huge complaint from readers. :frowning:
*Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation have many mistakes, I suggest that you ask someone to review that. You could ask me, if you wish.
*More animations? This is just a suggestion, you could if you want to. But, it might get a bit boring.
*Directing is a bit off. Since you’re new, no worries, many authors tend to do that. So, you’re not alone.

It’s nice to see that you’re going for a way more different style and plot, that’s really great! But, you have several negatives. I suggest that you work on that. Your story has potential if you fix those mistakes. I like the story and all! I am not trying to be rude, but all of these suggestions help you improve and make you fix these mistakes! I would rate this story;


Thank you so much for your feedback. I will make the following changes to improve my story. Can you also please help me fix any grammar, spelling, and punctuation in my story. Thank you.

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I’ll re-read it and try to find the mistakes! :slight_smile: