Hey here's my opinions on random shiz 💁‍♀️

Ahem Ahem Look Here

Heyy everyonee!

So I was talking to a friend the other and she was telling me my thoughts and opinions on random things are funny or fun to listen to. She was like you should share them with peopleeeee

So here we are.
Maybe you’ll find them funny I dunno but legit these are my thoughts on these random things. If you like it I can make more lol


The first one I wanted to do was Loud Flushing Toilets


I frikken hate loud flushing toilets, this may be weird but whatever imma preach about it.
Okay so, you go into a bathroom right, and ALL YOU WANT is to relieve yourself peacefully then leave.
So you use the bathroom whatever and you’re gucci, you go to flush and don’t think much about it, it’s going to be a simple flush down then you’re out.
But no.
For some reason, some toilets feel the need to just scare the crap out of you first.
I’m talking about those toilets that when you flush them, they take you back to prehistoric times, because they frikken sound like all the dinosaurs screaming at you.
When I flush a toilet and it sounds like it’s connected to some five star quality booming speaker all I can do is just stand there staring at it like this…

Like WHY? Who made that idea? Why do you feel the need to have
toilets across the world make some unholy Jurassic World screaming noises when they flush? IT FRIKKEN SCARES ME EVERY DAMN TIME.

Why can’t they all be quiet and simple ones? I swear, some toilets need a priest to perform some exorcism. Cleanse it of them unholy flushes. :roll_eyes:

I’m probably the only one who hates them this much lmao but still.
If you liked my rant let me know because trust me I can make a whole damn sermon about SOME things. cough cough spiders
So yeh please tell me I’m not alone

people who wanted to see lmao



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