Hey, hey, hey! need some inspo

so i’m about to release a story announcement on my story :sparkles:Despondency​:sparkles: and i’m going to release the main characters character sheets along with it and i need some song ideas for them.

here’s the character sheets and i’ll tell you their vibes if anyone could help me out that’d be great .

Sloane’s vibe: like TRRST by IC3PEAK vibe
Sterling’s vibe: like yellow by Coldplay vibe
complete opposite i know lol
my insta is @lexiusepi if you want to check it out.
anyways- if anyone’s got ideas that be AMAZING.


I know someone shares songs on here. I think it’s @Rainbowpower6876


Well i mean i haven’t done so in a while…


Basically anything by AC/DC, I recommend ‘dirty deeds done dirt cheap,’ and ‘you want blood you got it’