Hey hey! Would someone be interested in making a background of a girl boxing?


For my story I need a background for my intro and outro, if someone is up to making one for me that would be greatly appreciated! The girl is a boxer and has…
Hair: Straight, Fawn
Eyes: Green, Upturned Luxe
Mouth: Classic
Skin tone: Tan
Nose: Soft Natural
The girl also wears the silver pendant necklace.
If someone can, and has any questions please lt me know! Thank you!


So you want a background of a girl boxing? Like having her fists up in boxing gloves, or just with the boxing gloves on? Or just a girl in a boxing ring?


A girl with her fists up in gloves sounds great! The background can be her in a boxing ring.


Alright! What’s her lip colour?


Her lip color is terracotta, I think that is how it is spelled!


Okay, I’ll get to work on it as soon as I can!


Thank you ! No rush!


I’d like to let you know I plan to work on it today when I get home from the airport. Hopefully I’ll get it done. ^^


Okay, thank you again, no rush! :slight_smile:


I made two variations of it for you to choose from, they both having different backgrounds and lighting. I also resized them to the size of a single panel background. I hope you like them! ^^

Version 1

"Version 2

If you’re going to credit me, feel free to do so with my app/forums username of HermanEpisode.


I love them both ! Thank you so so much ! They look exactally like I wanted ! :smiley::smiley:


Awesome! I’m glad you like them!