Hey I am bored. And need some characters!

So. I am bored and would like to do some more edits so if anyone is willing to give me some
ink characters?
I’ll just put my examples here.

Bad art


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Thank you.

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Feel free to use either!! Up to you :grin:

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Thank you!

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  • Skin - Tan

  • Brow - Defined Natural

  • Hair - Long Feathered

  • Eyes - Upturned Bold (Pine)

  • Face - Soft Heart

  • Nose - Soft Natural

  • Lips - Full Round (Terracotta)


Wedding Sleeveless Top (Zinc White)

Wedding Crown

Red Dress Heels

White Ballerina Tulle Skirt


  • Skin - Honey

  • Brow - Thin Arch

  • Hair - Short Cropped Hair (Black)

  • Eyes - Classic Round (Green)

  • Face - Square Jaw

  • Nose - Button

  • Lips - Classic (Taupe)


Tuxedo Shoes

Tuxedo Pants

Tuxedo Jacket

I have no idea what I was trying to do here


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