Hey! I am in need of a character and outfit designer!

Hey! I am in need of a character and outfit designer for my new upcoming story called “TOXIN AND ELIXIR”. If anyone is interested do let me know:grinning::smiley:


I can design outfits for you

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What exactly are you looking for? What kind of characters and outfits? :blush:

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Pleaseeee can I be your ouplease fit designer

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Ma’am do you have any instant messaging account :grin:?

Sure :revolving_hearts:

They are like 30 characters but firstly I need some school uniforms

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Thx :kissing_heart:

I actually am studying fashion in real life. I would love to help.

That’s one example! :slight_smile:


I made quite some options, hope you like them!

School outfit 1

School outfit 2

School outfit 3

School outfit 4

School outfit 5


Call me Emma and u can pm me here or u can use my Instagram DM which is EmmaZedler

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Thanks Emma :heart:

Thank you so much they are so beautiful!


You’re welcome!

Pls ask for my help if you need characters or outfits for both INK and Limelight

Hey are you still taking outfit requests!!!

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Yes I sure am

I am having a huge problem!!

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Tell me
I can make characters and or outfits and I would love to help

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