Hey! I am in need of a character and outfit designer!

I made quite some options, hope you like them!

School outfit 1

School outfit 2

School outfit 3

School outfit 4

School outfit 5


Call me Emma and u can pm me here or u can use my Instagram DM which is EmmaZedler

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Thanks Emma :heart:

Thank you so much they are so beautiful!


You’re welcome!

Pls ask for my help if you need characters or outfits for both INK and Limelight

Hey are you still taking outfit requests!!!

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Yes I sure am

I am having a huge problem!!

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Tell me
I can make characters and or outfits and I would love to help

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I need to make house uniforms in limelight in red,green,blue and purple!

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House uniforms as in comfy clothes?

Red outfit 1❤

Red outfit 2❤

Red outfit 3❤

Purple outfit 1💜

Purple outfit 2💜


Purple outfit 3💜

Nope ma’am!
U know the house system in schools?

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No I have no idea but pls answer on this topic
Limelight or INK characters and/or outfits I'll help!
Then they won’t close it

And pls send me some photo then from what you have in mind

In short I want 4 same school uniforms in 4 colors red,blue,green and purple!
They need to be exactly same

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Ma’am are you still free?

Hi! If you are still in need, you can visit my shop! The link is down below; credit is needed!