Hey! I am in need of a character and outfit designer!

I need to make house uniforms in limelight in red,green,blue and purple!

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House uniforms as in comfy clothes?

Red outfit 1❤

Red outfit 2❤

Red outfit 3❤

Purple outfit 1💜

Purple outfit 2💜


Purple outfit 3💜

Nope ma’am!
U know the house system in schools?

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No I have no idea but pls answer on this topic
Limelight or INK characters and/or outfits I'll help!
Then they won’t close it

And pls send me some photo then from what you have in mind

In short I want 4 same school uniforms in 4 colors red,blue,green and purple!
They need to be exactly same

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Ma’am are you still free?

Hi! If you are still in need, you can visit my shop! The link is down below; credit is needed!