Hey, i can make you a cover! CLOSED INDEFINITELY


it seems that i did not make this clear when i originally posted this, so now i have people requesting things that i cannot make, and it’s completely my fault. i should’ve stated this from the beginning, but, i do not draw the character(s) in these covers myself, nor do i make it from scratch. as stated in the Q&A section of this post, i use artbreeder to create the characters. if you are unaware of what that is, it’s basically a site where you can take pictures and art and mix them together to create something new. i do not know how to draw. i know how to edit pictures and add effects, and i know how to turn a picture into something new, but i do not draw them from scratch. i feel like this post was misleading, and i am sorry for that. however, my covers are still original and do take a lot of effort, so they are still my own work. again, i am sorry for not clearly stating this before.

hey everyone! i just wanted to make a quick little post to say that if anyone needs a cover made, i’m happy to do so! i really hope i get some requests lol

here is an example of my work :slight_smile: (new story coming soon, btw… i think it’s gonna be really good)

cover type 1

ok guys so i just found a few covers i made a while ago. they’re not very good, but i’ve improved since then and if you would prefer your cover to be in this style, let me know!

cover type 2

please consider the following before entering a request

  • if you are going to request a cover, i would highly prefer that it be a cover similar to the one above.
  • make sure your request is detailed so that i know exactly what you’re looking for.
  • it might take me some time! please be patient. i am a student who is in school, and i have a life outside of this so i obviously will be busy sometimes.
  • i would hope that this is common sense, but just for clarity, please do not request a cover that goes against the community guidelines…
  • i will make you both a small and large cover. if you want the large cover to be different than the small one please state this in your request, and give me separate requests for the covers. otherwise, the large cover will just be a zoomed-in version of the small cover.
  • if you dislike the end result, i will remake the cover. you only get one remake. after that, you can find someone else. i don’t mean to be rude, but i just don’t want to waste either of our time.
  • if you are going to request a remake, please give me specific guidance on what needs to be changed/improved. be honest with me if there is something i did wrong or if you don’t like it!

and of course, these covers are free, but please give me credit.
there are two ways you can do this,
a. i could put “cover made by ellen florea” somewhere on your cover
b. you could give me credit at either the beginning or end of the first episode, by stating “cover made by @ ellenflorea on the forums!”


what do you use to make covers?
i use artbreeder to create the character(s) on the cover, then i use picsart to edit the photo, add effects, and make it look nice and eye-catching. i use phonto to add the title and author’s name. i did not add my name in my cover, though, because i simply didn’t like the way it looked.
when will i get my cover?
it should be sent to you within 3 days. at the maximum, 5 days. hopefully, though, it will never take me 5 days.
can you make splashes and backgrounds too?
yes, actually i can make splashes and backgrounds. however, i am not taking requests for these at the moment because i need to see how well i can keep up with making covers first. it all depends on how many requests i’ll be getting.

this post is subject to change. if any changes occur, i will edit the information above, so check back here if you ever need a cover made!


I don’t know if you can do any full body covers? Can you PM me?

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I would like a small cover

Here is my character
Tell me if u need anything else
and you can just use the head, you dont need to use the whole body

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hey, i’m interested but can you give me more exampels? if not can you tell me where i can connect with you?

Hey bby!!
I would love u to make a cover for me! It’s 2 characters thoooo so pls, pls, pls take as long as u need for it!




Just smth simple w them lookin romantic n serious. :white_heart:

Can the bg b a dark forest pls alsooooo can this b a small n large cover!! Tysm Ik this is complex n difficult so lemme knw if it’s too much for u! btw u so talented I’d love to follow ur insta, if u have one! :white_heart: feel free to take up to two months w this bc it won’t b released for a whileee


i’m sorry, i cannot do full body covers :((

Half body covers?

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hey! i’d love to make your cover. please message me privately with details about what you’re looking for. (ex: what kind of mood do you want the cover to make people feel, what kind of effects do you want on the cover, etc.)
also, i’ll need the title of your story as well :))
and please let me know if you would like me to put my name on the cover, or if you would like to give me credit the other way, that is stated above!

i could try! message me with details and i’ll see what i can do :))

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Sure give me a second to find a reference pose :slightly_smiling_face:

are you still taking requests? i’d love to request one

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hey, i’m sorry but this is the only example i have at the moment. but i can send you any covers i make in the future for you to look at, if you’re still interested! you can message me here on the forums if you wanna discuss this with me :))

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of course!

that’s awesome :)) just give me a few minutes to grab the details

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i’m so sorry, but this is a bit too complicated for me :(( i wish i could do it

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Hey! I would like one. Should I pm you or sent the details here?

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i’d prefer it if you could pm me hehe… i just don’t want this topic to become too messy! <33

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Aww dw :white_heart: I actually found someone else to do it, tysm anyway, tho :sparkles:

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Hi! Love your cover. I’ve been searching for a unique cover all week and I think I found my artists! :smiley:
Should I PM you or do you want me to send you the details on here?
Thanks so much! You’re very talented! :heart: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Will you be doing covers again soon? I love your work but I see that I was too late.