Hey, I don't know how this works, but do any of you know where is like the icon where I can "cut the wait"? Or it doesn't exist anymore..?

Cut the wait

Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t - at least on my phone :sweat_smile:


Mine hasn’t shown up for a while now :frowning:


Oh good evening, I didn’t think somebody would anser lol,thanks! And yeah some here, I mean long ago , sometimes it doesn’t show up

, sometimes it doesn’t, but now it NEVER shows up :persevere:

Yeah same Elise, I hope it does exist and that problem will be solved because I am getting crazy waiting haha

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Yep. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t.

If I’ve decided I want to waste several minutes of my time watching ads instead of buying passes, the option should be permanent.


Yeah exactly :joy: :sweat:

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I have episode on two different devices and it shows up on only one of then which is weird :thinking: I think I would die if I didn’t have the “cut the wait” button :sweat_smile:

I see the cut the wait option most of the times.