Hey i got a question regarding commisions

hey i wanna starts doing commisions but i need an opion on pricing and stuff because its my first time my ig is @erii_wrights if u wanna see my work i just wanna know what i should do for pricing here is what i came up with

all people have to pay atleast half up front to get the line work drawn and in order to get the full finished product they have to pay the rest

5 dollers for half a body +$1 for an extra character

$10 for a full boy +$1 for each extra character

$20 for a full scenes with 3 or less characters + $1 for any extra characters

any effects or extra details are only $0.25 for things like objects effects like tattoos or extra hair colors and things other then people or objects are free

animals i haven decided yet
so what do you think

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Hey! I like your work :hugs:
I think you should calculate the time into your pricing. If you spend 2 hours on one piece, it’d mean you’ll earn $2.50/hour which is not a good wage :thinking: But also I think it’s good to start off low and then go up when you gain more “customers” and as your art improves.
Good luck to you! :cherry_blossom:


do you think its resenable?

so what should i do if i pay by the hour

i spend at least 6 hours a day on them bc i wanna make sure they are perfect

I think it’s good for the start but you should definitely go up in the future, as I said. I think you’ll also have to see how it feels when you take your first commissions. Maybe it’ll feel right, maybe not. Try and see :slight_smile:

Professional artists charge at least $200 for a piece, some even over $1k which is definitely reasonable, considering how many hours go into one piece and how detailed their art is.

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so should i charge by the hour

thank you for the help

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if you want to make prices by how long you spend on it. work out an average time it takes you to complete a portrait for example and price it from there

it takes me around 2ish hours to do a portrait and i charge £10, £5 an hour which is around average (or a bit more not sure) for someone my age in the uk

alsoo definitely up your price for add ons, like an extra character do at least 50% of original price however in your case if you were going to charge $5 to begin with i’d do another $5 for an extra character otherwise you’re hardly making anything

and for tattoos, props etc once again 25cents is nothing put it up and charge the price depending on complexity

if you need any more help you can pm me because i was in your position last year and wasn’t completely sure how to price my work either <3

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yes i had a commision for the first time today and characters $10 for 2 waist up characters (it was a art scene)

I tried searching for you but nothing came up, did you mean erii_writes instead?

Also, I don’t know if you’re going to use PayPal or something else for payments but if you do use PayPal I recommend adding a little bit extra to your prices in order to cover conversion fees. I tend to add an extra $2.00 AUD to my prices due to the fee since I used AUD. Idk how much I’d add if I used USD though, maybe like $1.50 or something??

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oml yes i speeled it wrong im so sorry

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i use cash app but if the person only has paypal then they can send it though my mom and then to me

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thats a good idea

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I think your prices are good and are going to get you a lot of commissions and then later on you can raise your prices.

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I recommend to watch this video, it gives some good advice

um depends on the person

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