Hey I have a question for you

My first question do you prefer stories that include customization or not?

  • With Customization
  • Without
  • I’ll read it either or it’s about the content

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Secondly do you prefer to play as the authors mc alone or have the authors mc and you in the story.

EX. Lola is the most popular girl in school but all that changes when you come around and change it up. (So the mc is Lola, the story focuses on Lola but you are included, make choices, and are important to the story)

  • Yes, I like to be in the story.
  • No, I’d rather just be seeing the story from the mc’s pov

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

I think customization depends on the race of the characters. If she’s Hawaiian then she should either have limited customization or none. But that’s my opinion. :blush:


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