Hey I have news


I will be off the forums for a while and for the people that requested from me I will give your request ASAP but don’t be mad of I dont. School is starting soon so I won’t be on at all but I will check I’m and out and I will also come back to the forums way bigger and better art then before. Thanx to all the people that were there for me or that have been friends with me. I appreciate the kindness

  • Millie


I’ll miss you bestie
You were really a true friend


Awh I will miss you to but I’m glad you do plan on returning ^-^

But do take your time, I know how school can be demanding and I don’t want the forums to interfere with your grades and such. :heart:


Yes thank you
It is kind of stressful to balances school and other stuff so yeah i m doing what o have to do and please at least text me in pm when you Get the Chance I will
Respond later on