Hey i need a front cover for my story

Hi I’m new and am not very artistic so I was wondering if anyone was able to make me a front cover c:
•here is the details of the MALE



Skin tone - neutral 03

Eyebrows- straight medium

Eyebrow colour- dark brown

Eyes- monolid slender

Eye colour - brown black

Nose - straight pointed

Lips- full heart natural

Lip colour- rose light nude gloss

Face shape- chiselled angular

Hair- medium side part flip

Hair colour- black dark


•shirt- muscle tank cotton stripe black white

•jacket- open collared shirt jean jacket cotton orange tangerine

•bottoms- chain accessories ripped jeans denim black

•shoes- slip on canvas grey black


•necklace- ring necklace metal

•bracelet- braided bracelet black

•piercings -hoop earring silver lime metal grey black

•nose stud silver


•skull and roses arm tattoo




Skin- rose 02

Eyebrows- arched thick styled

Eyebrow colour- chestnut brown

Eyes- round downturned wide

Eye colour- deep blue

Nose -round button

Lips- full heart pouty

Face shape- round soft

Hair- long updo wavy princess braid

Hair colour- ginger red



•lace sleep bralette lace grey white


•flared leg belted slacks polyester grey dark

Head accessories-

•double buttons elastic knitted headband wool grey ivory


•choker jewel square diamond •white

•collared Herat necklace metal silver


•Pearl bracelet white grey


•Freckles heavy (04-07)

•butterfly forearm tattoo

•treble clef tattoo

•snake and Rose tattoo ink multicolour

If u can do this would rlly appreciate this ty c:

Here is photos of the avatars

Also this is the kind of poses I’m going for

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Here’s a list of art shops and other helpful shops that do free covers edited or drawn👇🏼

I hope this helps💕


Tysm <3

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I dont mind having a go at doing it if u havent got anyone to do it yet?

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I currently don’t have anyone so If u can do that much will be appreciated c:
(If u have any further questions about the story/avatar just ask <3)

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I will try to do it in the next few days for u i will let u know once i have done it as i also have college so have to work around it :grin:

Oh and did u want two different ones using them 2 poses or did u want just one? And are the character photos u have sent wearing the right outfits?

That’s okie take as long as you want :slight_smile:

I would probably prefer the first pose for the cover if that’s ok with you.
And yes they are wearing the correct outfits

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Ok i will try to do it as soon as for u :grin:

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What did u want in the background ?

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I was thinking maybe a solid colour like a dark red c:

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Okie i can do that

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Are these alright i didnt know what size cover u wanted so i did both

Tysm! Th we look amazing c:

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Glad u like them :grin::blush: