Hey I need a proof reader


Hey! Since I’m Chilean-Italian English is not my first language, I speak Italian and Spanish (if you need some help with that languages I would be happy to help) so I need some help and a proofreader. The reviewers told me that there are a few grammar mistakes, nothing serious, but I want to write the story the best that I can.
My story is called The Ugly Truth.
Can you help me?


Hey, I suggest you putting this in the “finding a writing partner” category, this is the wrong category :slight_smile:


Thank you ! but a writing partner… I’m going to check it out


go here and we can discuss it https://discord.gg/SJ5PhPb


I’d be glad to help


Seriously? I’m happy! I’m going to send you a message


I just joined!


Moved to Find a Writing Partner section! :v:t2: