Hey, I need help with a character.. I just need it drawn on digital and I can edit it from there

I need this character

on a scene similar to this
Ik the character is hand drawn and probably you can’t make it into digital but I’ll appreciate it if you tried. She has a led mask on(with yellow hearts for eyes) the mask is similar to the one in the photo but with slight changes. She has chestnut hair and a dark green hoodie( or a black one, depending on which one you think is right)a black headset with some green /black cat ears like this ones

She also has a small black bowtie that’s a little bit loose and that’s about it… if you can I would love if you tried to draw it using a similar style to the first colored picture. For any more questions please let me know using a comment. Thank you for your time!

Just a suggestion, but you might want to include some details on what you’re specifically looking for, example of the pose/scenario etc, along with your character’s details. Without those it might be hard for someone to know what they’re creating :blush:

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You can do it in whatever pose you want, I just need to see the whole body, as for the details you can use stuff from the first lion picture, like the top hat and bow tie,etc. Beneath the lion it should be a woman with dark(a little curvy) brown hair. ( maybe you can add those fluffy house shoes that look like animal feet and have it look like lion paws? Maybe idk)
The character itself idk how it should look, I just have some ideas for it but the rest you can draw it how you want… imagine it being like a fan art or smth like that.
It’s a girl in a her bedroom writing a song and outside is raining, she is listening to a sad song and maybe she has a blanket on top.

I meant to your original post, for people to see the details. It’ll be hard for someone to create a piece with a person if they don’t have a clue what she looks like.
Things like skin colour/eye colour are essential to creating art of someone.

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Yeah But Idk, thats Why I Said You Can have the freedom to do whatever… so if someone makes it I can at least see and I can tell them from there if there is small things to change or not

Okay, well I’m not sure how you don’t know your character’s skin tone or eye colour, but fair enough. As someone who does art, I’m just trying to give you a hand in making it more appealing for someone to take on, because as it is, it’s very vague and hard to go on. But best of luck!

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