Hey! I need help with my story plot! I’ll take any help!

So, here’s my basic idea:
A girl (Name Needed) is going on a game show called the Fame Game. There are twelve rounds, and each round someone gets eliminated.
My question for you to answer is:
How does she get on the Fame Game

P.S Please don’t take my idea! I’ll be giving out ideas for stories after this one though.

P.P.S I’ll help anyone (With plots) that helps me!

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I dunno, realistic fiction?

The winner of Fame Game wins $500,000
[Girl name] choose to participate because her father has cancer and they have no money to pay the surgery and for a new lung. The only person she have left is her father and that’s why she’s even more motivated to win the prize. (The readers can choose the name of the character) That’s my answer of how does she get on the Fame Game

That’s great! I might change it up a little, but I’ll definitely use it!

I also thought that the Fame Game leads you to a path of singing, acting, and modeling. Too much?

That’s why I want to call it the Fame Game.

Another question: I wanted to start out with a famous TV host (fictional) to invite the people to the Fame Game by seeing amazing talent undercover. How does she get invited and why?


It’s not too much, many shows lead the winner to fame.

I also want to give you a shout-out when I release my story. What should I say for it?

You don’t have to, I just wanted to help. Good luck with you story

Thank you so much!

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No problem

Can I ask a few more questions?


I’ll just list them all:

  • You might’ve seen this above, but I was thinking that to be on the Fame Game, you must be invited. So, how was (character name) invited?

  • Should (character name) be eliminated, for a challenge for the reader?

  • Should the choices the reader make affect whether or not they stay on the show?

  • And lastly, who is the host (I just want a random name)?

  • 12 most intelligent students in 12 different countries get a letter, and the main character is one of them.
  • The choices the reader make should affect the story, wrong choice and they get eliminated.
  • The host can be the government, they want to see who of the 12 most intelligent students around the world would win and how



Tv contest, for which u have to record sum video showing ur ralent?

• Maybe she posts her covers of popular songs on social media or is a social media model. That’s how can she be invited.
• She can get eliminated but then producers organise a quiz which all eliminated gamers take. The one who wins can be back and MC can win then.
• She can stay on the show until the finals and then will choices matter. Maybe they should affect her relationship with other players.
• Host can be named Alexa?

And then you could say Alexa say the intro to the show. (Sorry I’m really bad at jokes)

Yes, I’ll use those ideas! Want a shout-out?