Hey, i need help with overlays!

Hey guys, i need help with overlays for my cover because i’m having trouble

Can someone please send me any mirror png similar to the ones in the picture?? image|281x499

and can someone please help me with editing the 6 eyes in these pics and turn them into pngs like the first pic where everything is removed??Uploading: 2477F8CC-60EB-4C6F-94A5-2A64814B2FAA.png… Uploading: A81B8EED-01FB-43DD-8C73-6B66BB9525C1.png… Uploading: 7C7505D4-7C16-4600-B0E7-421691FE9532.png… Uploading: 180A9E3E-5B9F-4AC1-B7A7-594FD26701D9.png… Uploading: B335292D-F097-4B90-95D7-328A6356CE65.png… Uploading: 66C14AEE-BA11-43E4-8080-C645AFEF531E.png… Uploading: DFF0A726-45AC-42E3-92DB-BC36279C93C7.png…

thank you so much


Do you like this mirror?:grin:

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