Hey i need help with this

So I want her to say this off screen just not with narration so how would I do that without her coming onscreen

@AYLA stands screen center in zone 3


Im talking about mrsmack

If you want a character to say something using a speechbubble, then you’d have to either spot or place them offscreen in a different zone and perhaps adjust the speechbubble.

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Try this:

I tried something different with what you said and it worked I just did at the beginning @MRSMACK stands in spot ****** in zone 2 and it worked :blush:

That’s pretty much what she was trying to say, putting the character of screen, except you put the character in a different zone off screen :wink:

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I figured it out awhile ago but thanks for offering help and sorry I didn’t see your comment till just now :joy:

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