Hey, I need help

Hello can someone say how to make blank name? I mean dialogue without name.

Go to the tab on your story’s homepage where it says ‘Characters’.
Click on that and find the character you want to apply no name to.
When you click on that character, look at the display name section and erase the name displayed there and then save it and your character will show up with nameless in your story.


Thank you

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Can you please explain more

You go to your character list. There will be something like this

Script name: JACK
Display name: JACK

If you wanted to make Jack nameless, you erase his name in the display name.

But to have him have his name again, you have to make another character.

I suggest calling the Jack that won’t have a name be called JACK2 or JACKNONAME or with a space like JACK NO NAME

It will look like this.


Script name: JACK2
Display name:


Script name: JACK
Display name: JACK

Hopefully that made sense :grinning:

it looks helpfull i try it thank you so much for your help :innocent:

No problem!