Hey I need ideas

I need story ideas like what kind of story, the title etc.
(have writers block)


What genre?

I can help you with that! I have a couple of amazing stories! But I don’t know how to proceed with the directing part :frowning:

If you need help directing then pm me. I consider myself a pretty great director. ( Ignore my pride here :joy: ) but anyways I would love to help you direct so pm me and I can guide you. :grin:

Awesome! What’s ur Instagram name?

It’s @episode_afra Give me a follow and we can discuss your story there. :grin:


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Ok… Let me think…
What would you say about a girl who moves into a new town [insert town name] so she can continue studying in a really good school away from her hometown. Her mother died in a car accident and since then her father became an alcoholic and verbally abuses her, this is why she wanted to move away so badly. At the new school she meets a guy which she doesn’t get along at all at first as she thinks he’s the stereotypical, arrogant golden boy, but then after a while they become really close friends and then eventually best friends. Near the end of the school year her father comes to take her home, but the guy miss heards the conversations and understands why she never talked about family and knows how her father treats her. He does everything in his power to help the girl stay in that town and not let her father take her.<<<— They eventually fall in love :wink:

Perfect!!! Can u he my new partner

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