Hey, I need some help with overlays!


Hey, so I was wondering if anyone could make a blanket overlay (Side View) and one birds eye view (with mattress) of this bed:


Hi, Here’s your overlay!
I can help make the bird’s eye view, but it would be a drawing. I do need to do a lot of requests, but I guarentee you have yours tomorrow 9currently I need to sleep soon so in about 11 hours or so (I have to other ones) I will be able to finish it and post it on the thread.


Would that suit you fine? or is the bird’s eye view urgent?


Woah, thanks so much!


I don’t really mind when, thank you :slight_smile:


Sure, then I’ll do the bird’s eye view tomorrow, and you’ll have it by morning (in my standards)
I’ll wake up in 9 hours, then I’ll start the bird’s eye review 11 hours later from now, and I’ll have it done in the hour.
Sorry if it’s a long wait, but I hope it’s worth it!


Thanks so much (:


No problem, however I really need to go now.


Thats fine!


Hello, I know I said tomorrow but I had some time and here you go! I do need to sleep now however, I’m quite sleep deprived. if you want to change anything, let me know, and I’ll reply tomorrow!

And here’s the overlay:

Have a good day!


Thank you so much!


No problem, just make sure to credit my forum username, thanks!