Hey...I need some story writing help

Hi. I’m new to the forums. And I can’t deciede what I want to write about, because I don’t want it to be cliche but something people would read. Do you guys have any ideas?

xoxo Emma

You can write a love story fairy tales

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That’s a good idea…:thinking:

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@DatOneAuthorEmma maybe some romance or comedy?

Oou. That sparked some ideas. Thanks!

Anything that doesnt include bad boys gangs and teenage pregnancy

Idk if this is cliche so im sorry

Random strangers that have similar life as they both navigate it even through hard times, until one day theyre life is tearing apart but thats when they bumped into each other in the most weird ways blaa bla bla tell me if this is cliche?

This is not chiche at all!

If you need inspiration you should try looking for writing prompts, they really helped me. It’s amazing how a
simple sentence can turn into a full story.

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I’ll try that. Tysm!

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