Hey I need someone to code or make this a template for FaceTime on laptop scene


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Hey, check out or IG, we can help you with templates and coding there!

I text yall

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I texted y’all but didn’t get a reply


If you are still in need I can help you.

Ok if you want

Here’s the transparent png version of the background:

(Lmk if the screen of the laptop is a transparent png or no cuz forums are going through transparent issues of uploaded images rn)

You’ll have to upload this an overlay and set it up on layer 2 for eg. in your scene, and then upload and set up the bedroom background as an overlay on layer 0 and finally spot direct and set up your character on layer 1.


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here’s the script because I’ve already made it :upside_down_face:

INT. BEDROOM DESK OL - DAY with LAPTOP GREY to 1.468 246 -202 in zone 2 at layer 1 with LAPTOP CHAIR to 1.810 161 -218 in zone 2 at layer 3
@cut to zone 3
@zoom on 640 46 to 134% in 0
&ANNA spot 1.073 124 -39 in zone 3
&ANNA moves to layer 0

&AMY spot 1.694 37 -156 in zone 3
&AMY moves to layer 2
@AMY starts idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear

You may change character name and overlay name accordingly by pressing ctrl +f two times

I use this overlay LAPTOP GREY

It’ll look like this


Np you may credit if @orangeweedie.episode if you want.

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