Hey! I tought we should make a list of features we would like to see in episode!


My ideas:
Beards, mustaches in limelight
Sneakers in limelight
Child characters
Double French Braid Hairstyles
More glasses for men and women


Hi! This Feature request currently violates the guidelines for feature requests:

Please edit your post to ensure it isn’t deleted or closed. Thanks! :v:t2:


Beards/Mustaches in Limelight are a feature- feel free to support those here

Ditto on Limelight Sneakers

Also children

As far as I know the rest of your suggestions don’t exist yet (though you’d want to check with a mod on that) though :slight_smile: Make sure you support the ones I linked on their respective threads though for the sake of centralized support!

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there’s already a list. it’s the feature + art suggestions category :wink:



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Topic closed due to violation of Feature Request Guidelines