Hey! I would love it if someone reviewed my story!

Hey, I must have read my story about 1,000 times, and I think all the coding problems are out of the way, but I just really need another set of eyes to review the plot (or technical errors) and give general opinions of the story. It would be really great help to me! If wanted, I could also read whoever reviews my story in a read for read situation.

After you’re done reading it you can either message me privately or post your critiques on this thread. The more detailed the better!

Title: Strange Happenings at Rossview High


Hi! I read the first chapter of your story and really enjoyed it! I’m not sure if I’ll continue the story, just because supernatural stuff isn’t my favorite but I think a lot of people would really enjoy it! A couple issues I noticed:

Maura is invisible during CC. I closed the app and came back and she was still invisible, so I’m thinking it’s not an episode glitch.
Also, when Art is listening to his friends talk in the graveyard before they see him, you can’t see anyone. This may have been on purpose, but I thought I would point it out just in case🙂

Other than that, I didn’t notice any issues! I really love that there’s a male MC and a male LI; and the dialogue was funny and easy to follow. Overall great story!

Thanks so much! Just so you know, the story is hardly supernatural, after the mind-spell scene, it just becomes a really complicated love triangle.

About the characters missing, well, they shouldn’t be. It really frustrates me that they aren’t showing up because they are spotted correctly in the script!

Also… how did you know that there’s a male love interest? I didn’t say anything about that yet…

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